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Discover top-tier synthetic running track solutions that blend safety, performance, and sustainability, while enhancing your school’s pride and legacy. Choose excellence with Current Surfaces, Inc

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We strive for excellence in every track we build, ensuring top-tier quality and performance.

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Safety is our priority, crafting tracks that provide a secure environment for athletes.

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Dedicated to your satisfaction, we create tracks that mirror your school's pride and vision.

A Four-Decade Legacy of Excellence in Synthetic Running Tracks: Current Surfaces, Inc

With over 40 years of expertise, Current Surfaces, Inc. has been the trusted name in synthetic running track construction and maintenance. From our roots in Michigan to our expansion across multiple states, we’ve consistently delivered top-quality tracks that stand as a testament to our commitment to safety, performance, and innovation. Explore our rich history and discover how we’ve made a lasting impact on schools and communities.

Explore our 40-year legacy of track excellence. Let’s create your athletic heritage. Contact us now for top-quality running track solutions.

Why Us

Elevate Your Track Experience with Us

At Current Surfaces, Inc., we offer a legacy of over 40 years in crafting top-quality running tracks. Including full service from planning to completion. Our expertise, commitment to safety, and use of innovative materials. We focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, ensuring every track we build is a lasting investment. We’re not just track builders; we’re legacy creators. When you choose us, you’re choosing excellence and a trusted partner dedicated to enhancing your school’s athletic tradition. Join the countless schools across multiple states that rely on us to deliver superior track solutions.

Our Products

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Durable, eco-friendly polyurethane tracks: Optimal performance, safety, and sustainability for athletic excellence.


A premium, durable running track surface, engineered for safety, performance, and longevity. The choice for excellence in athletics.
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Michigan Tracks

Witness excellence in synthetic running tracks, a testament to our commitment in enhancing Michigan's athletic infrastructure.

Indiana Tracks

Explore our track masterpieces, transforming Indiana's sports facilities with innovative design, safety, and performance.