What makes Seal-Flex better than other comparably priced surfaces is its patented construction and application process.

Traditionally granular rubber surfaces incorporate randomly dispersed rubber “pebbles” that “float” in a binder. As the binder begins to deteriorate with age and climatic changes, these “pebbles” are free to separate and break away from the surface.

The Seal-Flex matrix is composed of interlocking stranded rubber particles bound by a tough latex compound and permanently bonded to an asphalt substrate. The chemical interaction of these materials combined with the interlocking rubber strands creates a durable, seamless, web-like mat surface.

SEAL-FLEX Specifications

SEAL-FLEX LR-6 (3/8″ thickness), LR-7 (7/16″thickness) & LR-8 (1/2″ thickness) are 100% stranded rubber bound in latex.  SEAL-FLEX creates the perfect balance of performance characteristics, durability and value.SEAL-FLEX has been rigorously tested under ASTM standards for tensile strength, spike pick-up, freeze/thaw resistance, abrasion, resilience, light exposure and chalking. It has been proven to be tough, durable and virtually maintenance free. SEAL-FLEX is often imitated but never duplicated. Insist on the right track, a genuine SEAL-FLEX track! SEAL-FLEX can be installed from just 2 layers to 8 layers.


The original SEAL-FLEX system patented bonding process, with multiple layers of stranded rubber is the top of the line. SEAL-FLEX LR-2 is a 1/8″ thick surface installed over existing latex surfaces (both granular and stranded) to restore the original surface. The new layers of latex and rubber chemically bond to the old surface and restore the force reduction, typically bringing the restored surface close to its original quality. The added layers will also provide a new layer of UV protection, which will help protect the original surface underneath.


This sandwich system has a black, stranded rubber base for durability and is topped with layers of colored EPDM rubber. This surface is available up to 1/2″ in depth with a wide range of color selection (optional red surface shown)

CRS-6 is 4 layers black and 2 layers color minimum depth 3/8″.

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